Our iconic Beach flip
flops support your
sole and take you
places where your
mind and body
want to go.




Marissa Quinn is an artist based in Encinitas, California, who grew up with a deep connection to the ocean and marine life. Marissa enjoys collaborating with like-minded brands through product art and design.

Marissa's art is stunning, and quite unique, and her spirit and lifestyle make her an ideal embodiment of the qualities that Vionic Beach represents in the marketplace: active lifestyle, healthy living, warm, stylish, elevated casual, natural, mindful. Vionic Beach felt that our sandals were a perfect canvas for her pen and ink style, and thus Vionic Beach x Marissa Quinn was born.

Her work is currently in several galleries on the West Coast including Sparks Gallery, Copa Vida, and Flower Pepper Gallery, and her murals can be seen in Michigan, Maryland, Ohio and California.

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